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Posted on: September 22, 2017

Flu Season and a Germ Free Spa

If you’re contemplating a career in massage therapy, sanitation may seem to be a relatively minor aspect of your prospective job. However, failing to maintain a clean spa can have professional consequences for you and health issues for everyone in contact with your facility.

If you’re already a licensed massage professional, it is likely that you’ve already have had contact with coworkers or clients who have contracted skin or other infections from contact with infected surfaces and skipped gloves. For this reason, your student days are the perfect time to learn good habits such as proper cleaning and equipment handling techniques for maintaining a sanitary, health-promoting spa environment. 

Such infections are typically easily treated but may sometimes result in death. Even though death from such infections may be rare, the consequences of such illnesses and the infection itself are experiences that are best avoided by professional massage therapy practitioners.

The flu is one infection that is a bit inconvenient for many people but can result in death for others. The flu virus is one such infection. The elderly, persons with compromised immune systems and young children have some of the highest rates of deadly complications to the flu. Although a vaccine can possibly prevent it, many individuals at highest risk don’t receive them for a variety of reasons including lack of access to such basic healthcare and fear stemming from misinformation regarding vaccines, in general. 

Since you have no control over what your clients or coworkers are doing, you need to do all that you can to protect yourself from a serious infection. A flu shot and proper on-the-job sanitation are two small steps you can learn as a massage student that will protect you and your clients from infection.

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