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Posted on: September 16, 2015

Fall Skin Care Secrets!

The crisp air of the fall season can wreak havoc upon your skin. Fortunately, there are methods you can use in your daily skin care routine to safeguard your skin throughout the entire season. Here are five fall skin care secrets you can use to protect your skin from some of the harsher effects of autumn.




1. Swap Lotion for Cream

Cream provides an oilier barrier for the skin, which produces a more hydrating effect. Preserving skin moisture can be effective in preventing drying and cracking and may even help make your skin look healthier and younger throughout the season.

2. Don’t Ditch the Sunscreen

Any good esthetician will stress the benefits that sunscreen provides for the skin, and protecting your skin during the fall is particularly important. Autumn sun rays can sometimes be even harsher on the skin than in the summer, so it is crucial to apply sunscreen to your face and other areas of exposed skin in order to avoid sun burns and premature aging.

3. Exfoliation is Key

It is especially important to exfoliate when the autumn season begins in order to refresh your skin and get it ready for the seasonal changes. You may even want to visit an esthetician for a professional facial or an exfoliation treatment for your whole body.

4. Remember the Lips

Your lips are particularly vulnerable to colder autumn air. You can try using lip balm or chap stick to keep the lips moisturized and prevent any cracking or flaking.

5. Invest in Some Cuticle Oil

Using cuticle oil should be a part of any skin care regimen during the fall. Environmental elements can easily damage cuticles, and just using regular moisturizer may not be enough to protect these fragile areas.

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