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Posted on: August 18, 2015

Everyone knows that getting a facial feels good. If you have ever had a facial, you also know that afterwards, your face looks glowing and younger, which also makes you feel good. But did you know that facials are healing for other reasons as well?  

Facials Increase Oxytocin Production

  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), massage on any part of the face or body releases "feel good" hormones like oxytocin (the bonding hormone that helps couples stay together and makes parents take good care of their kids). Oxytocin is one of the four hormones that Psychology Today calls your "happy chemicals."  

Facials Reduce Stress Hormones

  Facial massage and other types of massage treatments also reduces a number of stress hormones. As these hormones decrease by beingexcreted as toxins, you feel more relaxed. Often you will notice you get better sleep at night. You are also able to heal faster and stay healthier, because your body has stopped over-producing the stress hormones that keep your immune system suppressed.  

Your Neurons on "Happy"

  When you get a facial and your body starts producing more "happy chemicals" like oxytocin, these connect neurons in your body to your brain and send a happy message saying, "Do more things like this because I feel stronger, healthier and happier when you do!" This is why massage therapy can sometimes feel addicting, but in a good, healthy way. This is also why some people who get facials and massage regularly call it "the healing touch" (as do many massage practitioners).  

Treat Your Face and Body Well

  If you treat your face and body to regular facials and massages, you can look forward to better health and better sleep - both great reasons to give it a try!

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