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Posted on: February 27, 2012

Estheticians are skin care professionals.  They go to school to learn about how to care for skin and keep it looking beautiful.  Here is a list of job responsibilities that an esthetician can have:

-          Perform a detailed skin evaluation

-          Perform facial massages

-          Use chemical treatments to improve quality of the skin

-          Show clients how to properly clean and care for their skin

-          Remove body hair by applying wax

-          Be able to perform specific skin techniques such as chemical peels and treatment masks

-          Recommend appropriate skin-care regimens to suit clients needs

-          Advise clients about what color and type of make-up to use

-          Instruct clients on make-up application techniques

-          Be able to select and apply cosmetic products

-          Sell cosmetics to clients

-          Tint eyelashes and eyebrows

-          Collaborate with dermatologists to provide patients with both pre and postoperative care

-          Refer clients to appropriate medical personnel for treatment of serious skin problems

-          Properly sterilize and clean both work equipment and work areas

-          Assist in medical treatments

-          Keep record of client’s needs, preferences and services

-          Display customer service skills

-          Schedule and maintain appointments

-          Order and purchase supplies based on demand

-          Sell merchandise in a spa, salon or clinic

If you are interested in becoming an esthetician, contact Space Coast Health Institute at 321-308-8000 to find out more about their program.

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