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Posted on: November 5, 2015

There are different types of massage therapy. An Esalen massage is a type of massage therapy. This is a type of massage that applies long, flowing strokes and acupressure to the body. Acupressure bodywork has a number of benefits. Below is a list of benefits that can be reaped from getting one of the Esalen massage treatments:  

Stress Relief

  Stress relief is one of the many benefits of acupressure bodywork. This massage helps you forget about all of the stresses of life. It also helps alleviate the tension that has built up inside of the body as the result of stress. Furthermore, many people find these massage treatments to be very relaxing. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that human touch is vital to our health. You will feel your massage therapist's hands massaging your body during the entire treatment. In many cases, human contact is enough to alleviate the stress of life.  

Can Treat Psychosomatic Illnesses

  Psychosomatic illnesses are illnesses that involve both mind and the body. There are many physical diseases that are worsened or triggered by mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety. High blood pressure, heart disease, psoriasis and menstrual problems are examples of things that can be classified as psychosomatic illnesses. Esalen massage therapy can be effective for treating psychosomatic illness.  

Reading Your Body

  Every part of the body is connected. If you are having pain in your neck, then it may be caused by a problem with your spine. You may not even notice that there are areas of your body that are sore and require more attention. Esalen massage therapists can read your body and give each area the treatment that it needs.

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