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Posted on: September 13, 2019

Ease Your Sore Muscles With a Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a Massage with Hot Stones While You are Traveling in a New Location

While traveling away from home, you may want to enjoy a hot stone massage. This type of massage therapy involves placing warm stones on various areas of your body. Some clients at a spa request this spa treatment as part of a traditional massage therapy package. You may first have a Swedish or deep tissue massage before having a relaxing hot stone massage.

What Are the Benefits from This Type of Bodywork?

There are multiple benefits from the warmed stones that are used in this type of massage, including:

• Relieve tension in your body’s tendons, joints, and muscles
• Increasing the mobility of your body’s arthritic joints
• Stimulating the flow of blood in your body
• Inducing restful sleep during the evening
• Alleviating the symptoms of autoimmune disease
• The release of toxins from your body's glands
• Reducing your mental anxiety to prevent high blood pressure
• Increasing your body’s metabolic rate
• Easing sore muscles after intense exercise

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The bodywork with the warm and oiled stones can last up to 90 minutes when the licensed massage therapist combines the spa treatment with other forms of massage therapy. The stones are warmed to the proper temperature to provide heat for your body’s tissues without causing any discomfort.

Augment the Massage with Essential Oils

The smooth basalt stones will remain in great condition during the heating process, and the licensed massage therapist can use fragrant essential oils during the bodywork. These essential oils can augment the spa treatment to give you additional relaxation and pain relief. The lubrication from the emollient oils makes it easier for the licensed massage therapist to knead your sore and tense muscles without any friction on the skin.

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