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Posted on: March 27, 2015

One: Independent Storefront

There are many massage therapy business opportunities for individuals with initiative and versatility. Massage therapists can open their own storefront or work for others.

Two: Day Spas

More people are visiting local day spas to have a few hours of pampering that might include a full body or specialty massage with aromatic oils and lotions.

Three: Cruise Ships

Cruise lines hire massage therapists to work on ships, providing massages to guests in spas or cabins. A fantastic bonus of this job opportunity is getting to travel to exotic locations.

Four: Hotels

Large hotels hire massage therapists to offer massages in guest’s rooms, workout gyms or on-site spas. This is a good career opportunity for a massage therapist wanting to work seasonally or part-time.

Five: Travel Centers

With many individuals spending numerous hours on the road traveling in recreational vehicles or working as truck drivers, travel centers are offering massage therapy as an amenity.

Six: Workout Gyms

After an intense workout at an exercise studio, athletes want a soothing massage to reduce their aches and pains without driving to another location.

Seven: Hospital

More medical facilities understand the value of therapeutic massages, leading to hiring professional massage therapists to augment physical therapy while helping patients feel better.

Eight: Beauty Salons

Women and men visiting beauty salons for haircuts and manicures also want to have a neck or foot massage. Beauty salons are hiring massage therapists in addition to beauticians and manicurists.

Nine: Pediatrician’s Facilities

A massage therapist who enjoys working with children can seek massage therapy business opportunities at pediatricians’ facilities due to the new demand for this service.

Ten: Mobile Services

It is now easy for massage therapists to offer massages at off-site locations such as private residences or businesses by bringing along portable equipment.

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