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Posted on: September 12, 2018

Do Men and Women Age Differently?

Men and women age differently, and there are a number of reasons for that. Proper skin care can combat the ravages of time and can keep skin looking great well into old age. 

The hormones that regulate the aging process are present in different amounts in the bodies of men and women. Hormones responsible for sexual changes can be attributed to different rates of aging. For women, the maturation process is more sudden and severe than for men, thanks in part to estrogen. 

Around the age of 50, most women go through menopause, and with it come a number of symptoms, such as hot flashes and a weakened libido. These dramatic changes occur almost all at once. Men also begin to change around the age of 50, but their bodies change more gradually. Rather than an abrupt discontinuation of hormone production like women experience, men can expect a gradual decrease in testosterone, starting from the age of 30. 

The skin of men and women also age at different rates. Men are less likely to show aging in their skin than women, and this can likely be attributed to testosterone. The ramped-up testosterone production that men experience literally gives them a thicker skin. Men also are more likely to produce more sweat and lactic acid than women, keeping their skin naturally moist. 

Because they do not have as much testosterone as men, the skin of women remains thinner, leading to such issues as fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. an esthetician or a skincare specialist student can advise their clients on the best regimen for their skin. They can also suggest anti-aging products and help develop a men's skin care regimen.

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