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Posted on: January 28, 2015

Lotion is a very important skin care product. There are many ways your skin can benefit if you use lotion on a regular basis. One of the reasons lotion is an essential part of a skin care routine is because it helps keep the skin hydrated. Keep in mind that if you have dry skin, or you live in a very harsh climate, then you will need to apply lotion more often. You may also want to consider using a dry skin facial cleanser if your skin is prone to dryness. Lotion can also help your skin glow. Many lotions have glitters and shimmers, which can help brighten your skin. Lotion can help brighten your skin by removing dead and dull flakes from it. Additionally, if you have callouses, then you will definitely benefit from using lotion. Lotion can help soften these areas and remove the dead skin. Experts recommend applying lotion after you have thoroughly cleansed your skin. Applying the lotion after a shower or bath will make it easier for the lotion to absorb. Many people today are opting to make their own skin care products, including skin cleansers and lotions. Making your own skin care products can help you save a lot of money. Below is a DIY body lotion recipe: Beeswax Lotion *One cup of olive oil *1/2 cup of coconut oil *1/2 cup of beeswax pastilles *1/2 cup of vitamin E oil *1/2 cup of essential oil Combine the beeswax pastilles, olive oil and coconut oil in one jar. Place the jar inside of a saucepan and fill it up with water. Fill the sauce pan until the water coves about 3/4 of the jar. Put the jar and saucepan on the stove on low and medium heat. Stir it occasionally. Heat until it has melted. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Stir the mixture every 15 minutes while it is cooling. Put the vitamin E and essential oil in the mixture after it has reached room temperature.

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