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Posted on: September 29, 2016

Massage Provides Several Benefits for Dancers

If you are a dancer, then you understand how the activity can make your body’s joints, muscles and tendons ache after a performance. Massage for dancers can help to prevent or alleviate discomfort when it is performed by an experienced massage therapist. Some dancers want to have massage therapy before they begin dancing in order to improve their body’s blood flow. It is also possible for a dancer to have a massage after completing their routine in order to relieve pain in the feet, back or legs to make it easier to sleep at night.

Massage for Dancers

The best types of massage for dance enthusiasts include: • Breema – gentle strokes and leaning movements • Foot – pressure massage on the soles of the feet • Swedish – a combination of tapping and stroking movements • Deep tissue – hard pressure to relieve pain • Shiatsu – soft finger pressure massage • Thai – full-body massage to warm the muscles • Trigger point – applying pressure to the nerves to relieve pain • Hot stone – warms a dancer’s muscles to prevent injuries

Choose What Works for You

Dancers must listen to their own bodies, and the decision to have massage therapy before or after a performance is an individual decision. For many dancers, a massage before beginning to dance is vital to help prevent a knee or foot injury while for other dancers, a deep tissue massage is necessary after a long performance.

Ask a Massage Therapist for Advice

The best types of massage for dance performers can depend on the length of the performance along with the different muscle groups that were used to jump and twirl. If a dancer doesn’t understand the value of massage therapy before a practice session or performance, then they should request a consultation with a massage therapist.

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