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Posted on: November 19, 2015

Women, beware! Not everything that the skin care products and makeup ingredients that promise you, are safe for you and your skin!   There are unbelievably very few regulations on skin care and cosmetics that makeup manufacturers can put any label on their products without being censured. There is always a possibility that some of the makeup compounds used are toxic and can be harmful to the skin even when used sparingly. The whole industry is taking a careless approach to the ingredients and even the U.S. FDA are espousing their classification as just “generally safe.”   The laws on cosmetics being that lax, it is up to us beauty product consumers, to be aware of the stuff we are putting in our face and skin to protect ourselves. We should start reading the ingredients carefully and try to avoid the following harmful chemicals by excluding them in our skin care routines:   • Talc – Found in baby powder, deodorant, eye shadow, blush, etc. Talc has been associated with respiratory problems and ovarian cancer. • Lead – Found in lipsticks, foundation, sunscreen, nail colors, etc. associated with miscarriage, reduced fertility and behavioral problems. • Mercury - found in mascara and some eye drops and known to impair brain development. • Formaldehyde - found in shampoos, hair dye, nail products, fake eyelash adhesives. Considered an irritant and likely carcinogen. • Mineral oil - found in baby oil, styling gels, moisturizers. When applied creates a film that weakens the skin’s ability to release toxins. • Fragrance/Parfum - found in colognes, soaps, lotions, etc. Connected to allergies, headaches, asthma and dizziness. • Hydroquinone – found in skin lighteners. Rated toxic and connected to cancer. • Oxybenzone – found in sunscreens. Connected to allergies, cellular damage, hormone disruption and low birth weight. • Parabens – found in creams, ointments, lotions, deodorants and other cosmetics. Connected with breast tumors. • Sodium lauryl sulfate – found in soaps and shampoos it is absorbed into the body and causes skin irritation.   Help yourself; the more you know the better! Avoid these toxic chemicals in your makeup and personal care products and stay away from possible health concerns in the future.

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