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Posted on: August 11, 2016

Celebrate Our Senior Citizens

Senior Citizen Day is celebrated on August 8th. It's important that we take the time to recognize our senior family and friends. Treat them to a day of spa services or massage therapy to let them know you're thinking of them. This day can be a wonderful opportunity to share the day with an older loved one. Take them for lunch and ask them what they would like to do to celebrate. Consider the idea of a massage session for a relaxing gift. Massage therapy for the elderly offers many health and wellness benefits.


Many older folks don't have the funds to splurge on something like massage therapy or a day at a local spa, but these services can be uplifting, relaxing and really improve the overall mood. Massage therapy for the elderly is especially beneficial as it can act to relieve pain throughout the body and offer relief from stress and strain. A trained massage therapist can focus on the troublesome aches and pains that often go along with aging. There are even therapists who specialize in working with seniors which can make them feel more comfortable about the process.


Many people aren't aware of Senior Citizen Day but it's important to acknowledge the older generations. They have experiences to share and wisdom that only comes from living through many different decades. If you have a loved one who has been experiencing pain, tired muscles or other minor body aches, consider gifting them with a therapeutic massage or even spa services. Most seniors are on a fixed income and they may not be able to afford those services on their own. But having a day to relax and be pampered may be the thing they need to make them feel refreshed and energized, both physically and mentally.

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