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Posted on: September 25, 2019

Can Varicose Veins Benefit From Massage Therapy?

Varicose Veins: How Massage Can Improve Your Vein Health and Overall Appearance

Have you ever examined your veins and noticed that they've become dark, swollen, tangled and unsightly in appearance? Although this situation may seem daunting, it's a perfectly treatable and manageable ailment that doctors refer to as varicose veins. This phenomenon can usually be found within pregnant women and people who fall into the obese category but can become apparent in individuals who sit for extended periods of time. Certain massage therapy techniques have not only been proven to help patients relax but also treat their varicose veins with ease.

Improving Circulation

To understand why varicose veins plague patients, we must first understand what causes this situation in the first place. Without going into scientific detail, vein issues begin to arise when our blood collects and pools in various areas of our body. These areas are often easy to see under the surface of our skin and generate a dark appearance over time. When left untreated, these blood collections can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular issues, elevated blood pressure, and life-threatening clots.

A licensed massage therapist understands that optimal blood flow is the key to a healthy body and mind. When we push blood into certain areas of our body, we allow essential vitamins and nutrients to flood the area and repair cells that may have become damaged. Massage therapist have used certain techniques -- specifically lymphatic massage -- to drain and repair various parts of the body with great accuracy. By targeting our problematic veins, we can drive blood flow through the body with improved efficiency and prevent future clotting that may hinder our health.

For readers that be dealing with this problem, reach out to a licensed massage therapist today. Not only will you feel relaxed, you will be fighting back against the hands of time!

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