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Posted on: April 8, 2019

Can Diabetics Benefit From Massage Therapy Treatment?

Massage for Diabetics

As a day spa student, you must learn about certain types of medical conditions, including diabetes mellitus. This health condition can lead to poor blood circulation, especially in the legs, ankles, and feet, so massage therapy is beneficial for most diabetics. At the same time, many diabetics have extremely sensitive skin, and they must also avoid any injuries to the feet or toes to prevent serious infections that require hospitalization. 

A Physician's Permission

Massage for diabetics is recommended with a physician's approval, but it requires understanding the types of bodywork that are useful for the client. The benefits of massage therapy for diabetics include reducing stress so that a client can relax and sleep better at night. The proper type of massage therapy for a diabetic can increase the body's blood flow to prevent dangerous hardening of the arteries or blood vessels. 

Hot Stone Massages

A gentle form of bodywork can also release the toxins from the client’s lymph glands to encourage natural healing when she has a cold. With a physician’s permission, an individual with diabetes mellitus can have a more rigorous form of massage therapy that reduces the problems associated with neuropathy. It is also acceptable for diabetics to have hot stone massages or to have the application of fragrant emollient oils or lotions. 

Communicating with Clients

A day spa student should recognize the signs of a diabetic client having an insulin reaction or a sudden change in her blood sugar levels. By recognizing the symptoms of distress in a client with diabetes mellitus, it is possible to seek medical help for the individual as soon as possible. Before beginning bodywork, it is important for a day spa student to communicate with a client to learn more about the individual’s medical problems.

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