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Posted on: March 5, 2018

Can Allergies Cause Skin Problems?

Allergies can manifest themselves in a large number of ways, but one of the most common places for an allergic reaction to occur is on the skin. 

Many people are familiar with hives, and their itchy presence around allergy-inducing elements. Hives, which are called urticaria in the medical community, are itchy red bumps that can appear on the body in response to an allergy or in situations of stress. They are the most common indicator of an aversion or hypersensitivity to allergy-inducing substances.

Unfortunately, allergic reactions of the skin don’t stop at hives. Other allergic reactions of the skin include contact dermatitis and eczema. Both of these occur when the body is exposed to irritants in the air, or on a person’s clothing or skincare products. If you think you are concerned about a troublesome area of your skin, consider reaching out to an esthetician or dermatologist for a private consultation.

Laundry detergents, as well as makeup products and toothpaste, are common causes of allergic reactions of the skin. Any good esthetician will steer you away from skincare or makeup products that contain common irritants like sulfates and recommend using fragrance-free detergents and soaps specifically made for sensitive skin.

Isolating what is causing a reaction can be a tricky task, but soothing irritated skin doesn’t have to be. To combat any allergic reactions on your skin, consider taking an allergy medicine with diphenhydramine to reduce symptoms. If the rash lingers, a topical ointment or in severe cases, topical steroids, may need to be applied. For less severe cases, alternating cool wet compresses with dry warm air may help return the skin to its normal condition. If the skin does not heal or other symptoms arise, contact an allergist or doctor immediately.

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