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Posted on: December 6, 2015

For many people, getting a massage is not a relaxing event. With the stresses of everyday life, even the fact that a massage takes time out of the day can be difficult for some to deal with, not to mention the physical discomfort that a massage can also bring. With this being said, if you take the time to master a few simple concepts regarding your breathing, then every massage you experience from now on will not only be beneficial to your body, but peaceful as well. You might even find yourself enjoying a massage for the first time.   When you really think about it, the idea that breathing techniques can improve the results of your massage therapy makes perfect sense. After all, how can you really expect to heal your body if you are not paying any mind to it? When you are able to focus on your breath, and in turn, send your breath and focus to specific parts of your body, these places in need of healing will react more positively to the touch of your massage therapist.   Deep, mindful breathing during all different types of massage therapy can help your body deal with pain and soreness. This is the reason why breathing methods are taught to women before they perform childbirth. Dedicated, focused breathing has been proven to reduce the discomfort of pain and improve the mental state of those in pain, which is why it is vital that focused breathing is involved in the massage process.   Many massage therapists today will even take the opportunity to guide their clients in their breathing, creating a great synchronicity between them and the people they strive to heal. Massage therapists will engage you in breathing exercises because it makes their work more effective, as relaxed breathers have the most relaxed muscles.   By placing importance on your breathing, you will be more present in your body. The next time you find yourself on a massage table, take a moment to feel the weight of your body, and then feel the movement of your breath. Focus on your inhalations and exhalations. This will remove worry, stress and tension from your body, and in turn, improve your massage experience dramatically.

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