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Posted on: February 9, 2016

Best Massage for Seniors

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A massage therapist can provide a specialized massage for senior citizens that will increase their foot and hand joint mobility without causing additional discomfort during the process. A senior massage is beneficial when it offers relaxation with gentle strokes instead of hard pounding techniques that can damage the sensitive joints that are affected by degenerative disease. The natural aging process can lead to problems with a senior’s joints due to wear and tear or arthritis, but a visit to a day spa several times a week can improve these health conditions to make daily living easier.

Encourage Natural Healing

Professional massage therapy offers several benefits such as increasing the body’s blood circulation to damaged joints such as the knees or shoulders to encourage natural healing along with reducing discomfort so that a senior citizen can sleep better. Before undergoing a therapeutic massage, a senior citizen should talk to their physician for recommendations concerning the best massage techniques for their aging body. Bringing a written list of suggestions from the physician for a massage therapist is helpful in planning a course of treatments that offer relaxation and pain relief.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Senior massage is especially important for relaxation because many older individuals experience tense muscles and tendons in their bodies in addition to having degradation in their weight-bearing joints. In many cases, an older individual is already taking an assortment of medications for health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus and do not want to also take painkillers on a regular basis. With the right type of massage therapy, a senior citizen can find relief from some of the pain of arthritis in the neck, back or hips in order to sit or walk each day to enjoy their normal activities.

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