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Posted on: January 24, 2018

Benefits of Massage Therapy For Seniors

A Massage Therapist Can Travel To Other Locations

Anyone who is aging can benefit from having a variety of massages to improve the well-being of her mind and body. If you are a caregiver who is responsible for older individuals, then calling a massage therapist is an excellent plan. A professional therapist can work at any location by bringing along foldable tables and specialized chairs to provide senior care services. Some of the locations where a therapist can offer a massage include: 

• Assisted living facilities
• Rehabilitation centers
• Day care centers for the elderly
• In a senior citizen’s own home 
• Hospitals 

How Are Massages Beneficial For Elderly Individuals?

While senior care clients might have infirmities such as severe arthritis, mobility issues or dementia, they can still benefit from having professional bodywork. A massage offers numerous benefits for senior care clients, including: 

• Improving blood circulation
• Relieving discomfort
• Helping injuries to heal
• Preventing depression
• Reducing anxiety 
• Eliminating insomnia
• Releasing muscle tension
• Stimulating the lymph glands

A Massage Is a Perfect Gift For a Senior Citizen 

If you are looking for an excellent gift to give an elderly individual for her birthday or other occasions, then bodywork is a perfect choice. Many older adults don’t want to accumulate more possessions. Contact a local massage therapist who offers senior care services to clients who can’t travel to a day spa.

What Type Of Bodywork Is Appropriate For Older Individuals?

Older clients with medical issues should receive gentler bodywork treatments. It is important for a therapist to discuss the types of massages required for senior care clients to avoid damaging delicate skin or bones during a treatment. In addition to using soft gliding bodywork treatments on older individuals, the therapist can apply soothing essential oils and lotions that help the client to relax.

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