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Posted on: July 19, 2016

Jojoba oil is extracted from the nut of a shrub found in the Southwestern portions of the United States. Long prized by the Native Americans for its healing skin care attributes, jojoba oil is one of few skin care products that has shown to help control acne. There are many benefits of jojoba oil, but jojoba for acne is one of the most impressive ways to use this natural, liquid wax.


Benefits of Jojoba Oil

  Jojoba oil can be used for skin care and hair care. This oil mimics the natural oil, known as sebum, that our skin glands produce to protect the skin. Because it closely resembles our natural oils, it is ideal for using on the face, skin, and hair. It offers benefits everywhere that it is used. The benefits of jojoba oil include: • Powerful moisturizer • Barrier against the elements • Reduces oiliness • Reduces shine related to oily skin • Deep poor cleansing • Antibacterial properties • Anti-inflammatory properties • Acne control • Relief of dry, chapped, cracked skin • Eczema relief • Psoriasis relief • Reduces the effect of sunburn • Reduces hair loss • Dandruff control  

Jojoba for Acne

  Acne skin care products often fail to deliver real results, but this oil has been shown to help control acne. It has properties that help it unclog dirty pores, kill bacteria, control inflammation, and reduce oiliness. This allows it to treat both the causes and symptoms of acne, providing relief to the skin and preventing breakouts. The oil is an effective cleanser that removes bacteria, dirt, and oil from deep in the pores. The antibacterial properties remove the germs that lead to pimples, while its anti-inflammatory effect reduces the size and redness of existing acne. This makes it an excellent option for acne prone skin. It can be applied to the face and body to cleanse and moisturize.

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