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Posted on: July 24, 2017

Benefits of a Russian Massage

Many cultures across the world have developed and incorporated various forms of massage therapy into their traditional health systems. Some of the major cultures such as the Chinese, Indian and the Greeks have advocated the use this therapy for the treatment of various conditions and ailments. The therapy made significant strides during World War II when conventional medicine was in short supply. The shortage of drugs at this time prompted some of the renowned physicians to research the therapeutic benefits of massage in the treatment of various illnesses. 

Russian massage refers to a system of therapeutic massage that was developed in the former Soviet Union during the Second War. Russian massage utilizes a variety of the body’s soft tissue manipulations to achieve specific benefits that include stress reduction and relieving muscle aches. Techniques applied in Russian massage therapy can vary between therapists. However, the main techniques used by a massage therapist include rubbing, stroking, vibration and kneading. 

Russian massage therapy incorporates a variety of motion exercises that aren’t common in other types of massage therapies. These motions target some hidden areas of the body, and they reach the far-to-reach body parts just like yoga does. More precisely, Russian kneading utilizes a slapping technique referred to as percussion which helps to lose muscular adhesions. 

Benefits of Russian massage 

The benefits of Russian massage therapy are many since it can help everyone, regardless of their age or occupation. Experts say that it can be used for a broad range of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gynecological, gastrointestinal, internal disorders, and in post-surgical conditions. The therapy is highly valued in Russia, and a massage therapist carries it out. The department of therapy is usually the largest in the majority of the Russian hospitals since it is considered as a significant inclusion to the patient’s rehabilitation. 

Some of the ailments said to ease with the Russian therapy include insomnia, asthma, bursitis, and hip sprains. It also relieves carpal tunnel syndrome, severe headaches, constipation, colic, spastic colon, and immune function disorders. The therapy is gentle and purely non-invasive; therefore, it is considered the best especially for seniors.

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