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Posted on: August 27, 2015

Believe It Or Not, Eyes Can Get Sunburned!

The human eye is the most fragile organ on the human body. During the summer, people usually remember to wear sunscreen to protect their skin. However, new studies have revealed that the human eye can actually get sunburned. Most people do not realize how powerful the sun truly is, but eye protection is extremely important in times of increased heat.

Sunglasses were invented long ago, but there are certain sunglasses that are better than others. Sunglasses often add a stylish flair to one's clothing, but the fashion aspect of sunglasses is actually secondary. Nonetheless, certain sunglass types provide better protection for specific face types. There are sunglasses that are made for people with wide or thin faces. Also, some pairs of sunglasses feature more protective glass than others.

It's important to choose the right pair of sunglasses for you, and an eye doctor should be consulted before purchasing a pair of sunglasses. Nonetheless, people should know that certain rays from the sun can still penetrate even the best sunglasses. That's why it's important to know what the best SPF for sunglass is, and most eye care experts believe that UV 400 protection is necessary.

The summer is not the only time when people should worry about their eye protection. In the winter, the sun's rays can reflect off of the snow, and it's necessary to wear protective sunglasses. Aside from the snow, other elements can increase the strength of the sun's rays. For example, boaters and fisherman should wear sunglasses that feature polarized lens's. The polarized lens's will provide special protection that a regular pair of sunglasses won't.

UVB and UVA rays are extremely damaging to the human eye. If sunglasses are not used, the human eye can become cloudy over time. People that don't wear eye protection can expect several problems with their vision in the future. Luckily, wearing a pair sunglasses can prevent eye damage.

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