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Posted on: October 25, 2016

Be A Colorful Spirit!

Autumn is known for its fiery and bright colors as time transitions into winter. The season was once known as the harvest season. It was the time when people reaped the lands; then they dried or fermented foods so that they would have an ample amount of food for the winter.

 Uplift the Spirit With the Colors of Fall

Fall brings some of the most beautiful colors of the year. These colors can support and lift the spirit. The following are some of the most prominent colors and how they can affect that indescribable energy inside of you:


Red is associated with passion, love, and warmth. It is one of the colors that usually shows up after the beginning of fall, but it is very effective.


This color is quite lively and usually makes one think of sunlight, warmth, and sunflowers. This color is filled with energy and should help put a little pep in your step.


Purple is associated with royalty and spirituality. It is a beautiful color that helps a person feel reflective, which could assist with meditation or yoga.


This color has hints of yellow and red. It is a warm color that usually makes people think of a bonfire or something similar. The color has also been associated with socializing, which can lift the spirits when done right.


Pink is a very sweet color that shows up in autumn. The color is a warm color as well, which can make someone feel a little cozy. It could also lead to thoughts of beauty and serenity.


This is one of the most peaceful colors that shows up in the fall. It is a peaceful color that could make it easy to be at peace with the world and yourself, which should make the mind feel at ease.

These are just some of the ways that autumn can help you explore a more colorful part of your personality.

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