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Posted on: June 24, 2019

Are You Comfortable with Gender Preference for Massage Therapy?

What are the things you look for in your massage therapist? Therapists have been trained extensively, usually in several types of therapy. However, in addition to being a skilled and licensed massage therapist, it is also important you are comfortable with the person working with you in your spa treatment.

For some people, gender comes into play when picking the therapist that is right for them. While women are generally seen as more nurturing and gentle therapists, men are often seen as stronger and more confidently able to make significant changes in your musculoskeletal system. While these aren't hard and fast rules--there are plenty of nurturing men, and a lot of really strong women giving spa treatments, you may be more comfortable considering which gender you'd most like your massage therapist to be. Be careful to not fall back on old generalizations about gender, though, or you might miss out on the most skilled therapist of the bunch! A massage is a great tool that can relieve chronic pain as well as daily aches. It can also relieve stress, improve circulation and boost immunity! Surely any gender therapist, with the right skills and training can help you achieve these goals! But, not if you're uncomfortable.

Here are some things to consider when picking your therapist:

-Past experiences with that therapist's gender. Are you generally more comfortable around men or women? Do you talk to one gender or another more easily?
-The type of experience you'd like to have. More relaxing? More pain relieving? Check the therapist's training.
-Recommendations from friends/family or online reviews. Great reviews are not usually begged for, they're freely given! It's a sure bet that if the therapist has good reviews, no matter their gender, they're a good practitioner!
Visit our day spa soon and find the therapist right for you!

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