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Posted on: August 30, 2019

All Licensed Massage Therapists Should Know How to do Chair Massage

A chair massage is a type of massage that is performed while a person is sitting in a chair. It started to grow in popularity during the 1980s. Every licensed massage therapist should offer chair massages. There are several reasons that a massage therapist should offer chair massage therapy at their practice.

There Are Many Benefits

Chair massages have many of the same benefits as traditional massages do. They can improve range of motion. A chair massage can also reduce anxiety, depression as well as pain and discomfort. Additionally, it can help you improve your sleep and reduce your fatigue.

Stress reduction is another benefit that can be reaped from chair massages. It is important to note that there are many health conditions that are linked to chronic stress. This includes things such as high blood pressure, pain, fatigue, and heart disease.


Many clients don't want to get a traditional massage because it requires that they get undressed. However, people can get chair massages while they are fully dressed. This massage can also be done in a public area.


You can take your chair anywhere. This means that you can have a portable business. You will have the opportunity to meet more clients and make more money. You will be able to take your massage chair to people's workplaces. You can also take it to people's homes. Additionally, you can offer demos at different events.

Shorter Massage

Chair massages are often under 60 minutes. Because the massages are shorter, you will be able to charge your clients less. You may be able to attract more clients because they can afford the massage. Even if a client only gets a massage for 10 to 15 minutes, they will still be able to benefit.

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