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Posted on: December 3, 2018

All About Dehydration

Everyone in the United States knows that drinking an adequate amount of water is essential, yet over 70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Recognizing the fact that our body consists mostly of water, these statistics are more than alarming. 

The most common causes of dehydration are medical conditions such as diarrhea and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), during which people continually eliminate large amounts of water. The use of diuretic medications, prescribed for specific medical conditions, cause dehydration too. The other reasons are climate changes, increased levels of humidity and workout-related excessive sweating. Poor diet and overconsumption of caffeine-containing beverages can leave one severely dehydrated. 

Early signs of dehydration are dark yellow colored urine, muscle cramps, dizziness, bad breath from mouth. The other, appearance-related symptoms are a loss of skin elasticity, sagging skin, brittle hair, and chipping nails. 

To increase the levels of hydration, it is needed to moisturize the body both internally and externally. For internal hydration, besides drinking water in substantial amounts, a good, healthy diet, full of water-rich fruits and vegetables is highly suggested. The high content of minerals and electrolytes, present in most fruits and vegetables, will replenish and hydrate the body. 

If the condition is severe, increasing dietary salt intake can be beneficial, as long as there is no known, salt prohibiting, illness present. For external hydration, following a good skin care regimen, and consistent application of topical, humectant-rich moisturizers, can solve the issue. 

When healthy living and good body care do not resolve the problem, it is best to seek professional advice. In most cases, if the reason for water loss is not related to medical conditions, seeing a qualified skin care specialist should set one on the right track. Many local day spas organize seminars and educational programs where a spa student can teach their clients about health and wellness. Taking healthy living online courses is another option to improve overall knowledge about the body and its care.

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