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Posted on: May 17, 2016

Several years ago, the daughter of a friend surprised her family with the news that she wanted to be a masseuse. After the initial shock, the unspoken question in the room was "why." After all, many felt that being a masseuse was a shady occupation at best, no one felt that she would be able to make a living on a masseuse's salary. Imagine our chagrin when she was not only able to make a comfortable living, the annual salary of a masseuse is $39,950; but also had found a career that fit her skills and personality perfectly. She didn't pay any attention to such judgement and negativity. She is very happy with her career choice and doing very well.   Massage therapy is not an exact science. It is an ancient method of rubbing and kneading parts of the body to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Massage therapy has been known to help those who suffer from marginal medical issues. For example, it helps with bouts of depression because a good massage increases the levels of serotonin to the brain. It helps sufferers of insomnia because a good massage reduces stress which reduces tension which induces relaxation which enables you to sleep better.   Massage therapy used to be associated with mineral springs and salt baths. These natural places for healing, however, were in locations so far-flung that only the rich had access to them. Now thanks to the burgeoning business of the day spa, everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the comforting and relaxing therapy that can only be found at the hands of a competent masseuse. A day spa doesn't require that you spend the night; you can spend a couple of hours there and have the experience of a lifetime.

  Massage oil helps determine the quality of the experience. The massage oil you use enables the hands to sink deeper into the muscles and tissue letting them glide easily over the skin. They also help moisturize the skin. The types of massage oil fit into one of many categories: nut-and-seed oils, olive oils, oils that are flower based(fragrances), and animal oils(emu), and types of massage oil can either be heavy or light. Heavy oils like olive oil work better when you are having a low-friction rub, like a Swedish rub. The heavy oil is thick and slippery and isn't quickly absorbed into the skin. These oils can badly stain clothing and are best used when a shower can be taken afterwards. Lighter oils like grape seed work best with a high friction rub such as the sports or deep tissue. It's absorbed quickly. Some types of massage oils can cause allergic reactions. If that's a concern, always read the labels and ask to use oils that are hypoallergenic.

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