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Posted on: November 1, 2015

What is Acupressure Bodywork?

  Acupressure bodywork is similar to acupuncture because it focuses on meridians in the human body where life energy flows. One of the best benefits of acupressure bodywork is that it does not require inserting needles into your skin and underlying tissue. If you are seeking a place to undergo acupressure bodywork, then contact a local massage therapist who may offer the treatment or can recommend someone who does.  

Acupressure Bodywork Originated in China

  You are probably accustomed to the benefits from massage therapy to improve a sore back or relieve stress after a difficult day. There are different types of massage therapy that originated in various parts of the world such as Sweden or India. However, acupressure bodywork is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on balancing a client’s qi, yang and yin by stimulating the meridian system.  

The Benefits of Acupressure Bodywork

  It is possible to augment massage treatments with acupressure bodywork to increase your overall wellness. The benefits of acupressure bodywork include: • Relieving stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting • Eliminating tension and migraine headaches • Reducing back, leg or arm pain • Preventing motion sickness while traveling  

Acupressure Bodywork is a Fast and Effective Treatment

  When you visit an acupressure bodywork practitioner, they may use their fingers, elbows or specialized tools to apply intense pressure to certain areas of the body. In some forms of massage treatments, therapists also use their elbows or tools to assist with making strokes. Because acupressure bodywork has been used for hundreds of years, practitioners benefit from knowing exactly where to apply pressure to relieve a client’s symptoms, leading to an effective and fast treatment. While massage therapy can require multiple sessions, acupressure bodywork typically only requires one visit to a practitioner for a particular ailment.

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