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Posted on: August 12, 2015

Being an esthetician is a relationship-oriented profession, and building a good base of clients depends on building those relationships. Some of the most successful skin care specialists are able to adjust their approaches to their individual clients' personalities. The following tips will help estheticians of all experience levels keep more of their clients coming back.    

1. Pay attention to nonverbal cues and ask plenty of questions. Many estheticians have their clients fill out an intake form, but asking additional questions will provide better insight. 2. Talk to each client about what he or she hopes to accomplish. These questions should address the most common skin problems each client experiences, his or her normal skin care routine and what skin improvements he or she would most like to see from the treatments. 3. Give out free treatments as incentives. Word of mouth is the best advertising for any esthetician, and offering free or discounted treatments for referrals is an excellent way to build up a clientele over time. 4. Focus on giving detailed consultations. A common mistake for estheticians is to give too-brief consultations that don't completely address client concerns. An esthetician should also make it easy for clients to ask questions about any skin care routine they should maintain at home. 5. Give reasons why a client should book another appointment. Clients are much more likely to book repeat visits when they understand how doing so will benefit them. 6. Create an experience that matches every client's expectations. Some clients have skin treatments at a spa to relax, and others want to learn how to better take care of their skin. Whichever reasons the esthetician learns from the initial consultation, the whole experience should be planned around those goals.

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