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Posted on: March 9, 2015

As a massage therapist, your hands will be the most important equipment you own. But there’s more to massage than just quality technique on your part. You’ve got to have the right equipment to make each and every massage you perform great for your clients. Owning quality equipment will keep them coming back, and it will make your job in massage therapy a lot easier and more enjoyable. Check out these 5 tips for choosing the best massage equipment.

1. Your Massage Table Should Be Your Most Expensive Item

There are many types of massage equipment, so the massage table that works for one massage therapist might not work for you. Find one made of durable, easy to clean material that is sturdy and easy to fold up.

2. Get the Extras When It Comes to Massage Tables

You will want to have a carrying case for transporting your table around, and many therapists also use carts to save their own backs from carrying that heavy weight around!

3. Don’t Choose Just Any Massage Creams

Make sure that you choose the right massage creams. They should be creams that are able to be used on sensitive skin, and they should not ruin your massage table covering or sheets. In general, go for creams and avoid oils.

4. Have an Accurate, Visible Clock or Timer

Having an annoying alarm to announce when time is up is not an option. Find a timer or clock with a soothing tone for timing sessions.

5. Don’t Forget About Music and Lighting

Massage often includes meditation, and it certainly includes relaxation, so the last tip is to not forget about setting the mood. Invest in speakers, and have a playlist of soothing tunes. You should also have a lamp or a dimmer on your overhead so the lighting is soft and comforting. Try these tips, and see what great massage equipment can do for your practice!

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