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Posted on: May 28, 2018

10 Things to Never Say to Your Clients

As a massage student, you will learn a variety of techniques. What you may not learn is what not to say to your clients. 

-As a massage therapist, you must conduct yourself in a professional manner. Never comment on your client's physique. You may think you are complimenting your client but they may find it offensive. 

-Clients go to a spa to relieve stress. Don't unburden yourself of your daily troubles when you should be giving spa treatments. 

-Don't jeopardize your massage therapy career by giving out specific medical advice. Offering medical advice could put you or the spa you work for in jeopardy of a lawsuit. 

-Whether working for yourself or a private spa you should never talk about other clients. You never know if the client you are working with is a friend of the client you're talking about. 

-Commenting on a client's appearance is also taboo. Even complimentary comments can be offensive to some clients. 

-Never complain about your job. Think about how you would react if your hairstylist told you how much they hated cutting hair. 

-Keep your political views to yourself. Politics is always a hot topic. Even if your client seems to agree with you they may have a completely opposite opinion. 

-Keep your opinion of your boss to yourself. The massage table is no place to tell your client your boss is a jerk or unfair. 

-Even if you are a pastor that does massage therapy on the side you shouldn't talk religion with your clients. 

-Remember, you are a massage therapist, not a marriage counselor. Be a good listener but keep your marriage advice under wraps. 

The more spa treatments you give as a massage therapist the more you will encounter awkward conversations. Just remember, be professional and be a good listener.

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