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Instructor: Yusuf Mihaylov

Segment-Reflex massage & TCM – evaluation and assessment:          


This workshop is the perfect opportunity to bridge your understanding of western and Chinese medicine approach in holistically and comprehensively evaluating and assessing  the human  body.

During the first day of this intense and informative breakthrough workshop participants will acquire  26 new effective techniques assessing their patients based on visual evaluation and palpation according to Russian Segment-Reflex massage approach. They will learn how to effectively evaluate any soft tissue abnormalities separately within skin, fascia, muscles and periosteum by use of various advanced techniques. Participants will learn anatomical and physiological interconnection of the internal organs and any external soft tissue abnormality, which in turn will allow them to tell patients about their health issues before they even had a chance to complain about it…                                                                                                                                                                       The second day of this workshop will empower you with knowledge and understanding of traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic techniques in order to cross reference one’s findings. Participants will learn basic theory and philosophy of TCM, questioning of internal organs related abnormalities, auricular therapy approach and diagnostic techniques in evaluating human’s body, as well as assessment techniques according to foot reflexology.
The goal of this workshop is to expand your professional horizon as  a practitioner to achieve stable clinical results, which in turn will allow you to  gain greater respect from the medical community, and significantly expand your practice.

The workshop is presented by Dr. Yusuf M. Mihaylov, AP, LMT - Board Certified Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Massage Therapist, International Speaker, CE Presenter. He’s been in the field of  medical massage and Chinese medicine  since 1991; studied in Russia, USA and China.

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Date: June 17th - 18th
Time: 9am - 5pm
Cost: $350.00
CEU's: 16


1070 South Wickham Road
West Melbourne, FL 32904