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Instructor: Pete Whitridge

Want to have fun while getting your CEU’s? Spend two days
with Pete Whitridge exploring deep tissue structures that are
at the root of most client pain.
• Refine your touching skills and gain new confidence
• Teach your clients to work with you during therapy
• Eliminate chronic pain by working below the client’s pain threshold
• Slow down, focus your attention, be more effective with less effort
This class will offer a multi-disciplinary approach to chronic pain and
will offer the opportunity to discuss about your own specific client
needs. We will explore myofascial assessments, deep tissue techniques,
passive and active stretching, muscle energy techniques, and
self-care. We will review current findings from the Fascia Research
Society while exploring the unique nature of the connective tissues.
This class is designed to help you pinpoint problem areas quickly, devise
strategies to eliminate pain, and work collaboratively with your
client. You will receive lots of bodywork, learn new ways to handle
clients with chronic pain, and reconnect with fellow massage therapists.
You will leave this class with new skills and confidence in helping
your clients be pain free!

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Date: June 24th and 25th
Time: 9am - 6pm
Cost: $295.00
CEU's: 18


1070 S. Wickham Rd
West Melbourne, FL 32904



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