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Instructor: Scott Kingsbury

The Pattern Therapy course is a culmination of 19 years’ worth of research and experience in the nutriment, manual therapy and mind-body field, and represents the pinnacle of therapeutic knowledge and insight the course instructor currently offers. This course seeks to address the dysfunctional molecular patterns, emotional patterns and anatomical patterns that affect everyone and it would be safe to say that these habitual patterns will not change, without assistance from a knowledgeable professional. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of the population is not even aware this triad of patterns exists, or that they are personally being affected by them. The education experienced in pattern therapy, coupled with the therapeutic intervention is truly transformational, especially for those who choose to live what they learn.

This course is a unique creation that was inspired out of the brilliant works of medical doctors, osteopaths and scientists alike, and brings together a multiplicity of principles that address the mind-body as an integrated unit of function. This course is for those practitioners who believe in the therapeutic potential of the "Acquisition of Knowledge" and its ability to resolve many of the most complicated mind-body dysfunctional patterns experienced by the world of humanity. 

“Outside of trauma, we are either training patterns in our mind-body to be functional, or we are training patterns in our mind-body to be dysfunctional.” -SDK

Participants will learn how to:
  • Decelerate Aging
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Manage Weight More Effectively
  • Eliminate Pain 
  • Minimize Stress 
  • Prevent Illness 
  • Enhance Performance
  • Correct Asymmetrical Somatic Patterns
  • Structurally Ground The Soma

Participants will also walk away with:

  • Understanding of 3 primary reasons for all pain dysfunction in the mind-body complex 
  • Understanding of the second most important muscle next to the myocardium and its influence on the soma 
  • Knowledge of why muscles are unable to relaxbecause the body may be missing this primary ingredient  
  • How we may assess asymmetrical patterning in 2 seconds with everyone we meet  
  • Knowledge of reading body patternsin the loaded and unloaded position 
  • How to globally align and structurally ground the body in 90 seconds on most people 
  • Priceless knowledge regarding the number one criterion for aging and how to counteract it 
  • How to become more efficient at utilizing our energy reservesand how to significantly increase them 
  • Knowledge of what the true fountain of youth is and how to obtain it 
  • What the number one cause of arthritis is and how easily it may be prevented or improved 
  • How to reduce blood sugar levels in minutes and why it is vital we understand this 
  • How to naturally clean the arterial walls of plaque by taking these 3 simple steps 
  • Why our emotions are primary generators of pain and why we must address them 
  • Understand what actions we need to take to allow all of our cells to communicate optimally
  • How we may potentially add 10-15 more years to our life and the quality of it 
  • How to prevent Alzheimer's - Parkinson's & Dementia by taking these 3 simple steps  
  • An understanding of dehydrating agents and why we should seriously consider avoiding them 
  • Knowledge of how to get 10 times more energy out of everything we ingest 
  • Knowledge of the number one producer of endorphinsin the human body 
  • Understanding regarding the strongest natural antibioticon the planet and why we need to know this 

Provider Number(s) - Florida - 50-1268 - NCBTMB 394005-00
Course Approval -  20-638983

What are other healthcare professionals saying about our courses?

"Scott was outstanding. His expertise in the healthcare industry is amazing, and his love to share it is even more incredible. He is an asset to his profession as an educator."

"Scott is a very effective therapist and teacher. To the point! Second class with Scott and loved it just as much as the first. Look forward to using what I have learned in the real world."

"Everything was presented in a clear and concise manner. I look forward to taking more classes with Scott."

BIO: Scott Kingsbury is a graduate of Space Coast Education Center (formerly Space Coast Health Institute), he's a self-employed therapist and educator, who's been facilitating the healing potential for the last 19 years. Over the years he's had the privilege of learning from many accomplished instructors and continues his due diligence as a lifelong learner in his quest for knowledge, understanding that the biggest room is the room for improvement. 

As a health enthusiast and competitive athlete, he draws on and implements more than 3 decades of personal experience, bringing a very insightful approach to his modus operandi. As a continuing education provider he's been sharing therapeutic strategies since 2003 and brings a plethora of practical working experience to each of his courses, he's had the privilege of training therapy teams at such resorts as the Ritz Carlton, Diplomat and Amelia Island Plantation, and presented his courses on 2 different occasions at the FSMTA Annual Convention, the largest massage convention in the world. Over the years it became obvious that we must travel in harmony with nature's truths, and it's this belief that represents the very foundation of what he seeks to implement in his therapeutic strategies and educational courses. 

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Date: Saturday, August 10 & Sunday, August 11, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm (both days)
Cost: $499.00
CEU's: 18


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