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Instructor: Scott Kingsbury

The Orthoflexology course is a multi-disciplined approach that facilitates the healing potential using multiple techniques and principled ideas to address asymmetrical patterns and tension patterns within the human organism. This course will assist the practitioner in developing protocols that counterpoise musculo-skeletal imbalances that affect wellness, function and performance. All of the principled ideas are applied to the receiver fully clothed, there is no use of oils or devices, the participants are encouraged to perform the protocols with little or no discomfort. 

"Instructor always makes it a point to work with each participant personally, to assist them with any specific somatic challenges they may be facing. This course is for those practitioners who are interested in learning how to resolve musculoskeletal discomfort patterns quickly, through enhancement of their assessment skills and corrective adroitness. It simply makes sense to work smarter, not harder. Everyone knows what their personal best is, few understand what their optimal best is." -SDK 

Participants will learn how to:
  • Increase Endurance And Strength Potential 
  • Improve Balance and Proper Weight Distribution 
  • Minimize Needless Wear And Tear On Joints 
  • Minimize Tension And Stress Levels Relaxing The Mind-Body 
  • Reduce Or Resolve Patterns That Are Creating Pain 
  • Enhance The Body's Ability To Move With Greater Freedom 
  • Increase Energy Levels And Reduce Energy Expenditure 
  • Structurally Ground The Body And Root It To The Earth 
  • Increase Balanced Muscle Strength By Up To 50% Across All Major Joints 
  • Globally Align The Musculo-Skeletal Structure From Head To Toe 
  • Promote Optimal Function Of The Soma

What are other healthcare professionals saying about our courses?

"Scott had a very fluent speech pattern, communicated well, and was very helpful with the hands-on work. I was extremely satisfied with this program."

"Very professional, knowledgeable and has an easy teaching style. I enjoyed this class very much."

"Big bang for your bucks! Immediate results in little time. I feel rested but alert and relaxed. Hip is feeling A-OK, no discomfort even though x-rays and doctors show need of a hip replacement. These workshops of S. Kingsbury's don't come around often enough."

Provider Number(s) - Florida - 50-1268 - NCBTMB 394005-00
Course Approval - 20-200280 

BIO: Scott Kingsbury is a graduate of Space Coast Education Center (formerly Space Coast Health Institute), he's a self-employed therapist and educator, who's been facilitating the healing potential for the last 19 years. Over the years he's had the privilege of learning from many accomplished instructors and continues his due diligence as a lifelong learner in his quest for knowledge, understanding that the biggest room is the room for improvement. 

As a health enthusiast and competitive athlete, he draws on and implements more than 3 decades of personal experience, bringing a very insightful approach to his modus operandi. As a continuing education provider he's been sharing therapeutic strategies since 2003 and brings a plethora of practical working experience to each of his courses, he's had the privilege of training therapy teams at such resorts as the Ritz Carlton, Diplomat, and Amelia Island Plantation, and presented his courses on 2 different occasions at the FSMTA Annual Convention, the largest massage convention in the world. Over the years it became obvious that we must travel in harmony with nature's truths, and it's this belief that represents the very foundation of what he seeks to implement in his therapeutic strategies and educational courses. 

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Date: Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (both days)
Cost: $449.00
CEU's: 16


1070 S. Wickham Road
West Melbourne, FL 32904




(321) 308-8000