Sports Internship

Program Objectives:

The student will provide clinical hands on experience. The student will learn how to access an athlete’s condition and work on solutions using therapeutic massage.

SI01 SPORTS INSTERNSHIP This 100-hour program consists of 20 classroom hours and 80 practical hours that blends the academic with the practical experience. The total cost is $600.00. A postgraduate certificate recognizes successful completion. The Sports Internship is available to VA students.

Program Description:

Hands on training under supervision of a Licensed Massage Therapist, working on a professional sports team and professional athletes.

Our Sports Internship has been available to all Space Coast Education Center students and graduates since 1995. Initially, our graduates were given the opportunity to work with athletes and trainers affiliated with the Florida Marlins and Florida Institute of Technology. Currently, SCEC has had the privilege to work with the Washington Nationals during spring training, giving students the opportunity to experience the world of sports injuries as well as the indications and contraindications of massage therapy.

Most recently, Space Coast Education Center students and graduates will have the opportunity to work with Florida Tech athletes. Until now, our sports internship primarily focused on male professional baseball athletes. Our partnership with Florida Tech will give our students and graduates the opportunity to work with both male and female athletes in a wide variety of sports.

Admission requirements are to be enrolled in or graduated from a Basic Massage and Hydrotherapy 500-hour program. Program dates and times are announced throughout the year according to the sport.

The Sports Internship offered by Space Coast Education Center is not vocational in nature. The internships are offered for continuing education purposes only.

Break times will be determined by the administration. 

**All classes are subject to change as needed or as determined by school administration.**